Fotozondagavond #30: Summer

Summer view

Playing with my new Olympus E520 and lo, by accident, I snapped a shot that’s half decent and fits the “summer” theme. I was trying to line up the glass ornaments and it’s worked out pretty well.

My first Olympus was the C-4040 Zoom and although it was slow, it had a great lense and allowed me to take very sharp and colourful images.

After that, we bought a μ 700 and that’s a really handy, small, fast camera, but the colours don’t compare to the 4040.

The E520 puts the colour back, and as a DSLR, adds a bunch of features that I still have to explore.

Now, I like to read manuals, but I like to play even more:

Straight shot
Zoom in
Zoom out
Camera twist
Camera twist


More summer stuff: