Fotozondagavond #7: dream

Harhar. A subject I picked. The idea came up the previous week and I thought it was such a good idea that I’d have no trouble coming up with something. Quite often I find myself looking at an everyday scene when I suddenly get a weird feeling; not so much deja vu as a vague feeling I have dreamt this at one point or another. Sometimes there is also an unreality to what I see. Difficult to explain, but as I said, I figured I could easily capture it.

Ha, the hubris. I’m not a professional photographer, not even a particularly skilled one, so what the heck was I thinking?

Until, suddenly, on Saturday I was driving around Westwoud and I noticed this view over some grassland. When viewed from a certain angle, it seemed as if the world ended just at the edge of a group of houses. Unheimlich. It hit just the right note as I hit the brakes of the car.

To many of you this may seem quite ordinary, but it somehow touches me on a deeper level. The world looked very fragile and lonely under that big sky.

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One thought on “Fotozondagavond #7: dream

  1. Really a weird sight for me.
    It is the exact location where I would have lived if I didn’t get a divorce…the second house on the left….

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