Fotomaandagavond special: Koninginnedag 2007

Ah, Queen’s Day. 30 April. The day on which the Dutch nation uses the Queen’s birthday (who, incidentally, was born on 31 January) as an excuse to switch off the higher brain functions through the use of copious amounts of alcohol. sigh Never mind the huge piles of junk left around the city, or the gallons of alcohol spiked urine expelled into the canals.

For perl lovers:


$state = 'monarchy';
if ($date eq '30-April') {
    $state =~ s/^mo/a/;

Anyway, the special photo theme was “Queen’s day 2007”. So here’s a shot of the things I’ve been seeing on that day:

Yep, you guessed it. I didn’t join the fun this year (or the year before that, for that matter). Thing is, in Amsterdam the streets tend to quickly become too crowded. Slow walking, half drunk people bring out the dormant maniac in me. When faced with fleshy obstacles I get this great, big urge to kick people. Hard. Does that make me a sociopath? Dunno, doancare.

Outside of Amsterdam, things are a lot more “gezellig”, I admit. But then, I have a very nice park near my house, a lovely garden and a couple of comfortable chairs. So why bother? Let other people trade their hard-earned money for small pieces of junk that will end up on the street within a year (albeit amongs the other bags of trash).