Fotozondagavond #11: Patterns in Pavement

Patterns in pavement… Mmmh. During a little get-together in Amsterdam yesterday evening, I realised I hadn’t done anything on the subject yet. George gently reminded me that digging up old photos from the archives is not really in the spirit of this thing. Dang! So, my trusty old Nokia phone doubled as a paparazzi camera while we slouched off to the bar.

Church pattern

It’s quite possible you’ll find a similar picture on FJ’s blog… Oh yeah, his fourth picture is no pavement! 😉

More patterns at:

2 thoughts on “Fotozondagavond #11: Patterns in Pavement

  1. Mmmh. I’m quite sure the vertical variety is called “tiling”.

    Pavement Pave”ment, n. [F., fr. LL. pavamentum, L. pavimentum. See Pave.]
    That with which anything is paved; a floor or
    covering of solid material, laid so as to make
    a hard and convenient surface for travel; a
    paved road or sidewalk; a decorative interior
    floor of tiles or colored bricks.

    [1913 Webster]

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