Fotozondagavond #13: Free for All

FJ seems to have taken a hiatus and left us without a topic for this week. This meant each of us had to come up with something original by ourselves.

As fate has it, I’ll be turning forty next week and it got me thinking about mortality, aging and all that. One of the things I’ve always wondered about is whether I would turn gray or bald. So far, I’ve collected a few white hairs, but most of them grow out of my nose, so that doesn’t say much. My maternal grandfather was balder than Yul Brynner (though not as mean-looking) and my paternal gramps had a head of (albeit slightly thinning) gray hair. I’m starting to look more and more like my father (gray rather than bald), so I’m guessing I won’t lose my hair just yet, but you never know.

So, armed with curiosity, camera and my trusty Gimp I hacked up some before and after shots:


Steven at 39

Steven at 40?

(click to enlarge)

Er, right. I think I’d rather turn gray…

Now I’ll send the “after” picture to Elisabetta by MMS, just to freak her out 😛

Other stuff I’ve been doing: