That sucks!

From the
Helsingin Sanomat:

A total of nearly 200 observations have already been made of a skin-piercing blood-sucking moth calyptra thalictri, which is relatively new in Finland. […]

Yikes! Unlike mosquitoes, where it’s the female that’s thirsty for blood, with
calyptra thalictri, it’s the male that does the dirty deed. It normally sucks juice from fruit and tears from the eyelids of large animals, but it seems the little critter is forcing its way into the mosquito’s niche.
Although painful, its bite is apparently not dangerous since the moth does not carry or transmit infectious diseases.


Once it ate my clothes.
Now the moth that flies at night,
Sucks my juicy toes.

– Steven

We already have the dreaded tiger mosquito in our country, I wouldn’t be surprised if we can welcome Calyptra T. soon as well
Sleep tight and yes, it seems the bed bugs do bite…